With our strong determination and special care in all aspects of our business, we adhere to policy of business’s growth on the path of sustainability and quality. We committed on producing high quality product while caring for society and environment.Our company set our sustainability policy covering 3 key areas: responsible sourcing, environmental protection & fair labour practices.

Responsible Sourcing

At R. Monkhorn, we emphasize responsible sourcing. Our company works closely with our suppliers to ensure raw material are source responsibly and environmentally sound.

We encourage our suppliers to comply with our supply chain code of conduct that covers ethically sourced products, business ethics & environmental management programs. So customers can be assure that our tuna fish and other ingredients are from well managed and sustainable sources.

Environmental Conscience

We care deeply about environment. We understand that our activities affect the environment and the communities in which we operate. It has become our company’s culture that all employees have to work toward our environmental goals by control and reduce pollution impacts with air, water and other natural resources.

Fair Labour Practices

We value our workers and strongly committed to uphold the human rights of the workers.

We also commit to a workforce free of harassment and unlawful discrimination.

We place very high importance in treating our employees fairly and comply with local employment laws.